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Here you can find important info about things going on on the forums and server.
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Server rules

Postby Nuclearbanana101 » Thu Jun 16, 2016 6:55 pm

Dear members of the oblivio-network server.

Thank you for playing on oblivio! We hope you have a fun time. If you have any idea’s or suggestions, please message us via this forum. We will be sure to read as much as we can to make sure our server keeps giving back to the community.
But, More serious business. The rules on our server
General rules
    Rule 1:
    Be a nice person. For those not common with normal English: Don’t harass, annoy, insult, stalk, grief or in any way negatively influence players. One exception to this: Unclaimed land in the faction’s server can be stolen (from)
    Rule 2:
    No spamming and no advertising. Why? I refer to rule no. 3
    Rule 3:
    Use common sense. If you think something shouldn’t be done, don’t do it. If you think someone else is breaking the rules, tell them, and, if necessary, report them.
    Rule 4:
    Don’t hack. Don’t go spoiling others people game using things like X-ray or fly. Its childish, And takes the fun out of the game for others.
    rule 5 :
    Using a exploit (in the shop, for example)? Fine. However, if we see you doing it, we will ask you politely to stop, and take your money or items. However, reporting an exploit here on the forums could give you a nice reward…..
Factions rules and info
(For a tutorial on faction, see the signs in the server, or do /f help)

    extra rules :
    Stealing is allowed, as long as land is unprotected. So stealing someone’s stuff trough a glitch is illegal. Grieving however, is definitely not encouraged, and if we ever get reports of someone doing this, or catch you, you will be punished accordingly.
    Info :
    You can, as of right now, only set one home. We don’t have a lot of plugins next to factions yet… But if you have a cool idea, please submit it and maybe it will be on the server soon!

Thank you for reading the rules.Again, if you have cool ideas you think we should implement, please notify us via the forum. Thank you very much!
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