Aplication guidelines

Here you can apply for a staff role on our server or on the forums.
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Aplication guidelines

Postby Nuclearbanana101 » Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:32 pm

Do you like helping people, and do you think you are responsible enough to handle the tasks of a moderator?
Or do you think your building skills are so awesome we definitely need them? Or perhaps you like writing plugins, and are looking for a cool project? Then this forum is where you can apply for staff functions such as moderator (both forum and server), builder or Dev.
Of course we want to be sure your up to the task, so we do have some demands:

    Capability to speak, read and write English to a reasonable degree, and skype
    It just makes communications a lot easier. Knowing Dutch is a pro!

    Age of at least 14, but 16 and up is much preferred
    We need responsible, professional people..... We don't need screaming kids.

    Actual ability.
    This speaks for itself really, but we need you to be decent at your task.

Furthermore, we would like to have your skype, and the reason we need you in your application.
But, what I have just described counts as the bare minimum. So use your creativity, include some awesome details and surprise us!
Good luck with your aplication!
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