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Here, and only here can you tell us about rulebreaking players.
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Reporting guide

Postby Nuclearbanana101 » Fri Jun 17, 2016 6:57 pm

Dear members of the oblivio-network server.
Have you caught a rule breaker? Great! However, We can’t just punish someone based on “Ermagherd thz guyz using dem hackz”. So here you can see how to format your report.

    First of all, the title

      Because we need to be able to sift through reports as fast as possible, it’s nice to see a summarisation of the broken rule in the threads name. Therefore, if you want us to do something with your report, it is suggested you use the format:
      [REPORT] Rule-breaker IGN, Rule broken

    Up next, the content

      Using only text hardly describes anything, so using at least pictures to verify a rule was broke is necessary. However, we do need information on the network speeds, and if the server was lagging. Of course, Video footage, with timestamp is preferred. It makes it a lot easier to verify hacking. It also removes the uncertainty pictures leave, someone might be jumping or glitching. And how do you notice a kill aura in a picture?
      And of course, don’t forget to add some info on the game you were playing, and if there were others witnesses/victims involved too, so we can ask them about the incident if necessary.

Thank you for helping to keep the community safe.[/color]
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